Manasquan House Lifting – How Professionals Lift Houses

A Photo of Manasquan House Lifting in 2015 along the new jersey shoreThere are some places that can get so flooded every time it rains, that insurance companies in that state often dictate that people with flood insurance have to have their house lifted up off of the ground. People who live in a flood state will naturally comply with what their insurance company says, but they may also be curious as to just how the process is done. How does a Manasquan house lifting company take a home and pull it right up off of the ground? Here is the process of taking a house and lifting it.

Gain Access to the Underside of the House

The first step that a Manasquan house lifting company has to do is get to the underside of the house. There may be what is known as a skirt around the house, which just looks like fencing. The skirt will be carefully removed, and then the employees will be able to move around under the house and proceed to the second step of the lifting process.

All Utilities Have to be Disconnected

The utilities have to be disconnected, and this may be the first or second step that a house lifting company may do. Now that there is access to the bottom of the house, and the underside, the company employees may be able to turn off the utilities.  However, some utilities are easier cut off from the street, but either way, the utilities have to be turned off, and any lifting company may recommend that people find another place to live while the house lifting process is going on.

Sets Out Concrete Pads

Once the house gets taken up and off of the ground, it has to go somewhere while the work is being done. Concrete pads are set out to take the weight of the house, and they are usually at least four that are used, which is one at each corner, to make sure that the weight of the house is equally distributed.

Jacks Must Be Prepared

When a car has a flat tire, the owner of that car has to be a jack out in order to lift the car up enough to gain access to the tire. In order for a Manasquan house lifting company to get to the house to raise it, special jacks are used, and they are strong enough to lift a house up off of its very foundation.  Typically, there are four jacks used, and they all lift up at the same time. Once the house is lifted up, and placed on the concrete, special pedestals will then be constructed that will keep the house lifted up off of the ground.

Manasquan house lifting companies are called in when people need to lift their houses up off of the ground. The whole process of lifting a house is actually quite interesting, and homeowners who are quite interested in how it is done will be quite surprised at how simple the process is, but it will keep the house from getting flooded whenever it rains or the river overflows its banks.

New Jersey General Contractors are Changing Modular Home Designs — for the better?

A few decades back, New Jersey contractors were mainly associated with building homes on site. This entailed digging the foundation, erecting the structure, putting in the electrical and plumbing, and much more. Usually, coming up with a complete house took a considerable amount of time depending on size and design. However, in the recent past, the contractors are also taking on a new role; building modular homes. This is being driven by several factors in the home industry. This includes improved technology, intense marketing, rise in population, limitation of time, availability of financing options, as well as general appreciation of the new technique.

What Are Modular Homes?

Modular homes may also be referred to as factory homes. The home is constructed from prefabricated sections and modules which are manufactured in a factory. The sections or modules are comprised of pre-hung doors and windows, drywall, kitchen cabinets, floor joists, roof trusses, bath cabinets , baseboard trims, and much more.

Normally, the sections will be tailor-made to match a customer’s preference. This may involve using computer assisted designs to modify an existing plan or come up with a new plan. The modules or sections are later transported to an already prepared site where they are joined together to form a house.

Why People Are Choosing Them

The technique used in making modular homes was discovered more than half a century ago. In fact, retailers such as Sears and Roebuck were at the forefront of the new home plans. However, people started appreciating the homes about four decades ago. Reasons for turning to factory homes included short supply of regular homes, more improved technology, mass education, and affordability. Also, people who were moving regularly found modular homes to be more ideal.

Role of New Jersey Contractors

Despite the sections of the home being built at the factory, the role of a contractor can never be overlooked. He will play a leading role in coming up with the appropriate home. For instance, prior to purchasing the modules, it is important to design the final template. This will be based on topography, climate, regulations, environment, personal preference and more.

Therefore, it is important to identify a professional who is not only experienced, but also competent. Doing so will reduce the cost, time, and energy used in designing and also building the house. Furthermore, the home owner will also have peace of mind.

What to Look For In a Contractor in NJ

With the New Jersey contractors playing a key role in building a modular home, it pays to work with only the best. This will guarantee an individual of good quality and safety. The following factors need to be thought of when engaging a contractor:

  • Experience: – Working with an experienced person will more than likely provide a good home that is structurally safe.
  • Qualification: – The contractor needs to be qualified and also registered with the relevant authority. This offers assurance on his competency.
  • Reputation: – The right contractor will be backed by good reputation. Finding out about his credibility may entail asking him for references as well as following recommendations from friends.
  • Reviews: – Time and again, reviews and individual testimonies about a contractor will be published. In fact, some areas may also provide information about blacklisted contractors.

Benefits of Modular Homes

  • Energy Efficiency: – The modules are manufactured from materials that help in conserving energy.
  • Portable: – The sections are lightweight and can easily be moved from one area to another. They can also be dismantled when need be.
  • Cost Effectiveness: – The cost of constructing a modular is much lower than an ordinary home.
  • Time Efficiency:- While an ordinary home may take several weeks or months to build, a modular house can take as little as one week.
  • Personalized: – The home’s designs and structure will match the owner’s preferences.

It is quite obvious that modular homes have filled in the gap caused by lack of affordable housing. As a matter of fact, statistics show that more and more people are opting for this mode of homes. Furthermore, better technology has made the buildings more durable and energy efficient. Cutthroat competition has also made the structures more affordable.

Despite these advantages, a prospective home owner needs to carryout research to get the most appropriate home. This may involve researching on the techniques used, comparing quotes, and engaging New Jersey contractors who are competent and reputable.

Where have all the good NJ Remodeling Contractors gone?

michaelohorrelWritten by: Mike O’Horrel

If you have ever owned or lived in a modular home in New Jersey, you know from experience that after a few years of family wear and tear, the house needs remodeling. Indeed, you may not like the sight of old kitchen sinks, a bathroom that is almost an eyesore or a floor that is worn out.

Getting your house in order

When such a situation arises, the most appropriate thing to do is to find a reliable NJ remodeling contractor. This is the individual or company that is responsible for fixing all the problems to ensure that your house looks just the same way it did when you bought it.

Just like an inexperienced carpenter doesn’t always pick the best tool for the job, many home owners do not even know how to identify the most appropriate contractors for the job. It is quite common to see many of them hiring just anyone that they find. You should understand that there are several skills that a contractor should have so as to be able to do the work effectively and sufficiently. The good thing when it comes to New Jersey is that there are many good contractors that a home owner can choose from and so, it should never be too difficult to choose one that suits your needs.

Modern home remodeling ideas

A good remodeling contractor for modular homes in Jersey should be conversant with some of the latest trends in this industry, and be very familiar with the real estate market in your geographic location. You should not forget that the main reason why you want the house to have a new look if because you are tired of the old one. Because of this, unless a contractor can assure you that they will bring in some fresh ideas, there is no reason to hire them. You definitely do not want to spend your money on this project only to end up with the same things that you did not want.

Man having mixed feelings after hiring an inexperienced NJ remodeling contractor.

Ask them if they have efficient ways to make your bathroom better. They should tell you if there also are better ways to fix your kitchen cabinets, sinks, wardrobes and many others. For instance, if you do not like the bath tubs and other things that came with the house when you bought it, it only can be good when the contractor knows how to make them better. They also should have better design and layout ideas so that at the end of it, you like what they do. It always is good to take some time and identify the suitability of every contractor before you make a choice.

High quality services

You also should insist on high quality services when looking for any NJ remodeling contractor. It is baffling to note that there are home owners who do not even care about this. They are the ones who end up with lots of regrets. High quality standards should be applied right from the point when buying the materials to be used. If you want to replace anything, make sure that you do so with another one that is better because after all, you are doing the remodeling because you want to make the house better. In recent years, our neighbors and friends in Ocean County have referred us to Design Build Pros… do any readers have experience with DBP? …in any case, there are the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to remodeling contractors. Make sure you choose the GREAT.

Apart from the materials, the contractor should be able to inject high quality standards when doing the work. This depends on the tools and equipments that they use. It also depends on how skillful they are. If they are using tools that do not reflect the modern trends, one thing that you can be sure of is that they will not come up with anything good. Instead of getting yourself in such a situation, it will be much better if you start by finding out how they exactly do their work.

It is common for any Jersey locals to want to pay less when looking for contractors (especially in the wake of Sandy), and especially when it has to do with homes. This is because these kinds of houses are considered as a cheaper housing option as opposed to the other available ones. Usually, the price that you pay depends on the package that you choose. A full remodeling package will cost much more than when you only want to change a few things. Always draw up a budget that you are willing to work in. If you do not have enough money, start with the most important aspects.

How New Jersey Building Contractors are Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

One of the most challenging experiences when recovering from hurricane sandy was building a new home. I opted to build a modular home because the floor plans and other features would be worked out to my desired plans that meet my lifestyle and it was good from my budget. Of course, after the hurricane I faced significant financial challenges. Although I secured some funding from Disaster-Assistance Loans, it was not enough to get me what I needed.

Working with the contractor was among one of the most challenging experience. It is actually the main reason why I found building a primary challenge. From the onset, I was informed by friends that building a modular home would require thorough inspection and supervision. Because they are faster to build and are cost effective, most of the contractors do not take the construction serious like other houses.

My intentions, what is possible, and cost adjustment

I have to note that my experience in communicating what I wanted to be accomplished was the highlight of the event. Contractors know a lot about housing and what can be easily accomplished with the available resources and space. I realized I had to make some adjustments to suit the space and the resources. In doing this, coming to an agreement with the contractor was not easy.

We had to go back to negotiating the price because apparently what would have been smaller would cost more. There was no logic in this. However, I had to look deeper in my pocket and make the adjustment.

Working the deal

You will agree with me that this is the most important part of a construction. I needed an estimate of the cost of construction materials and the time it would take to complete the process to make the deal. The contractor easily did a calculation on the materials needed but failed to give me an exact time of completion. This rattled me because for every extra day, I would pay more. I realized that when you are making modular homes in New Jersey (such as these ones from Ritz Craft); do not work on a fixed budget. Sometimes it may take longer and even the professionals may not be able to approximate precisely how longer before you are resettled. Anyway, we worked that out.

Patience and more patience

patienceI realized that I had to be patient and exercise more patience. Things were not just working in the pace I anticipated they would go. Moreover, things were not going as scheduled. I was always kept waiting and there is nothing I could do about it. I complained until I could do it no more. Apparently, constructing modular homes in New Jersey will demand a lot from you in the context of patience.

I thought minor delays are common only in large contracts and building processes that require the construction of a big house. However, even small and simple constructions may experience delays.

Allow the contractor to do his work

During the construction, I realized that the role of supervision and directing the construction process was not my work. I had to allow the contractor to do his work and focus on being the apprehensive owner of the house in construction. When modular house is being constructed, it is important not to comment early. The house won’t look as you expected.

Starting to direct the contractor at such an early stage is improper. I learnt that being patient and sticking to observing as the construction comes out should be my role. However, there are instances when my intervention was necessary and valuable.

Expect inconveniences

Nothing is perfect in construction. If you think creating a modular home is simple and easy and there should be no inconveniences, then you are wrong. From experience, I realize you cannot out rightly rule out the possibility of inconveniences during construction.

The forms of inconveniences may include breaking of materials before use, delays, and slight deviation from the plan. However, there are instances when you may need to take stronger action against serious inconveniences.

The cost went up again

At the end of the construction, we exceeded our budget. The cost went up by 2%, which I was told was good. Although I thought construction is an exact science where whatever is anticipated should be exactly the same as what come out, I was mistaken. I had to dig deeper in my shallow pockets and cover the extra cost.

My experience finding a House Raising Contractor in Manasquan, NJ

Long-time Manasquan local know all too well the frustrations of living in a place where storms and flash floods are a common occurrence. One of the ways to avoid storms and floods is raising your house. You can live in peace knowing that you have hired the best house raising contractor that Manasquan township has to offer to properly elevate your home.

Home wreckage after Hurricane Sandy

You need to ascertain that you are working with the best among the contractors who are available out there.

Selecting a House Lifting Contractor

For residents of Manasquan, having to look for a house lifting contractor is not only a tough, but also a strange position for anyone to be in. There are important requirements which the house lifting contractor must meet. You should ask yourself if it’s worth raising your home in the first place. If this is not donning, your insurance premiums could rise significantly.

Regulations always change and it’s important that you obtain quotes from your new modular home insurance agent. Here are a few considerations which you should take into account when looking for a house raising contractor in Manasquan:

Experience and Qualification

Contracting a less qualified contractor can be a disaster. You need to hire a true professional who has offered house raising services for a considerable period of time. Those who have been in the field for at least three years and who have a clean record would make a great choice. It’s also important to work with someone who has formal building qualification. Ask the contractor about the qualifications of their key personnel as this will help you make proper decision about whether to hire them or not.


Working with a contractor who is fully insured offers you peace of mind because in case of injuries or damage to your property or adjacent ones, you will not worry about being sued. The amount of insurance coverage should be more than the value of the house to be raised. Talk with the contractors and ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. Don’t put yourself in a risk position by hiring a service provider without valid insurance.


Your Manasquan house raising contractor must be at a position to provide you with warranty regarding the quality of workmanship and materials. Companies that offer warranty are sure of the quality of service which they offer therefore they are willing to be held responsible for any errors. Reputable contractors would offer a guarantee of five to ten years.

Cost of Raising a House in Manasquan

A house raising contractor will take into account several variables when working out the overall cost of raising your house. Among these variables include such things as the location of your house, the age, grade of the property, type of foundation and the type of soil which the house rests on (see for more). The height which you want the house raised also determines the cost. Depending on the house size, the cost of raising a house is in the range of $40,000-$160,000. However, on the lower range, the house would be a small cottage such as 500 sq feet while the high range is a large 3 story house sitting on a beach, lagoon and water.

However, home owners should know that there is a lot that goes to house lifting than just house jacking. There are many jobs which will need to be done and some of them include: removing landscaping, pavement removals, removing decks, walkways, staircases, steps, foundation works which can either be pilings, helical piles, constructing new foundation, building a new lower level, disconnecting utilities such as electricity, water and many more.

After lifting the house, all the important utilities will need to be reconnected again. Raising the house alone may cost from $10,000 to $30,000 but other tasks which should be carried out to make the house habitable will push up the cost.

Our new modular, with wooden stiks keepign us safe from hurricane storms!

There are many contractors who charge a reasonable amount and who guarantee their clients value for money. Raising a house is done gradually over an entire day and there is specific machinery used. Some things such as sheet rock, windows and pictures which have been mounted on the walls will remain intact.

Final word of advice

No matter the type of foundation which your house rests on, it’s prudent to work with an experienced house raising contractor who will be able to handle challenges.